What we do


Projekty R&D / naukowe

We use algorithmics, computer vision, 3D reconstruction, optimization and prediction


Computer vision

We create Augmented Reality applications, design cash registers, printers and 3D software


Embedded software

In order to improve the product, we share the knowledge acquired in cooperation with the largest clients in Europe


Web software

We manage and program hundreds of thousands of fiscal devices with additional functions


Water supply network simulator

We allow you to minimize the risk and manage the network well for customers running a water business


Body & Team leasing

We provide our employees and share knowledge. We offer help for start-ups and extensive organizations

Who we are

We are a team of nearly 50 people, using the business and scientific experience of the Silesian University of Technology, work on creative, unique and professional solutions for their tasks. We meet the needs of our clients at home and abroad – both mature organizations and start-ups – through unique solutions, such as embedded software (including fiscal applications), web and cloud software (including a cloud system for managing 3D printer farms), computer vision or optimization and prediction. We work in programming languages: C/C++, .NET, PHP, Python and Qt / QML.

When others fail, we prevail. Michal Swiderski PhD, CEO



Our projects



Selected clients